Recycling and Destruction

Greencyc offers a full recycling and asset management system.


A percentage of equipment we adopt is suitable for refurbishment and re-sale. We use skilled engineers who thoroughly test and replace parts where economically viable allowing the re-sale of your old computers. All data is fully encrypted and destroyed prior to refurbishment and the operating system being re-installed. We issue certificates of encryption and destruction of data in all cases, guaranteeing that your data will never fall into anyone else's possession. We offer customers a pay back of 15% on all re-useable products based on a defined valuation scale.

We are aware that some of our customers do not want their old computers to be re-used. In this case we guarantee full disposal with no parts re-entering the consumer chain and issue a full certificate of destruction.


For customers who want to make use of our asset management scheme, we will list and produce full documentation to include:

  • Equipment make & model
  • Equipment specification
  • Serial number
  • Customer asset number
  • Grade or condition

Our customers who use this scheme find this greatly improves their records and management of assets.

We cover the whole of the UK.


Greencyc's desire to provide essential services to improve recycling and reduce waste continues with our specialist destruction facilities. At Greencyc, we can provide you peace of mind whilst guaranteeing the most professional recovery, recycling and destruction services for your needs, supported with our Certificate of Destruction.

If you require and of the following services, please contact us for more information:

  • Metal Recovery
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Distillation of Cadmium