Recycling and Legislation


Nature is the ultimate example of a balanced system, working in harmony; Producing, consuming and recycling resources in perfect synchronicity. Nature is self-monitoring, self-regulating and self-correcting. However, even the most perfect of systems can fail under consumer pressure for modern cars, televisions, mobile phones and the like. The by-products of these modern day essentials are toxic pollutants which can contaminate the environment for generations.


Greencyc works pro-actively with companies in the mobile phone, electronic equipment and electronic component business sectors. It aims to:

  • Improve the environment for future generations

  • Maximise the recycling and re-use of materials

  • Minimise the use of landfill for hazardous waste products

Why recycle

Recycling of mobile phones and accessories is one of the biggest challenges for all companies that have a responsibility for the environment. The European Union Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive became law in January 2007. The directive contains very strong provisions to encourage companies to recycle and re-use materials, and to ensure the controlled disposal of materials which cannot be recycled.

The directive

  • Defines discarded mobile phones as containing - Hazardous waste

  • Defines all mobile phone retail outlets as - Special waste (SW) producers

  • Requires SW producers to register with the Environmental Agency

  • Requires SW producers to report activity annually to the Environmental Agency

  • Requires retail outlets to apply for formal exemption from holding a Waste Management Licence

  • Seeks to increase recycling and re-use in the mobile phone sector

  • Strongly enforces waste management measures

We can help

Legislators in the European Union insist that the damage being caused to the environment through the unrestrained disposal of unwanted or unusable equipment must be controlled by companies like Greencyc. Companies in the mobile phone sector must now select qualified, reliable and fully accredited recycling companies to help deal with all of the business critical recycling and disposal issues arising out of the Directive.

Greencyc is ready to help with business solutions, operating procedures and expertise.